doing my part: candy shops


Gone are the days of 49 cent Whatchamacallits and 10 cent boxes of Johnny Apple Treats (side note: gone are the days of the cents symbol on a keyboard), but stores dedicated to candy – stores that are able to pay rent from an accumulation of $2 sales – although rare, can still be found. And it’s my duty to help keep them in business. I like to think of it as a form of community service. Because, after all, how depressing would the world be with only 15 candy bar options that could only be bought at a grocery store checkout alongside extra batteries and Tide erase pens? Answer: very depressing indeed.

And so, on a recent trip to Boulder, CO, I paid a visit to Rocket Fizz. Now, there are Rocket Fizz franchises around the country, but they do a damn good job of trying their best to keep it old-timey and not corporate. Walls are shelved with any kind of soda imaginable (available to purchase or simply “study” a la ‘soda museum’), giant lollipops tumble out of centerpieces, and every flat surface is piled with every kind of candy imaginable.


What are you looking for? Licorice? Sour stuff? Concoctions you thought were retired in the 1950s because of some red dye conspiracy? A whole table of British candy? A whole table of Asian candy? Random US regional candies that normally you’d only find in 1 lane highway gas stations next to the local jerky? They have all the cherry blobs: Twin Bing, Cherry Mash, Big Cherry (which I don’t eat, but I like to see still around). They have Valomilk. And they have bin after bin of salt water taffy in every flavor imaginable – all with HAND DRAWN SIGNS. (I know that pic is small – here are some sample flavors: chocolate caramel mocha, coconut, raspberry lemon, chocolate mint, cotton candy, guava, huckleberry, juicy pear, lemon meringue, maple, mango, rum, red licorice, passion fruit, red velvet, maple bacon, macadamia nut, pomegranate….I could go on all day. For real.)


Another wonderful candy shoppe to note: Economy Candy in NYC.

And another wonderful candy shoppe to note: The Candy Baron in Laguna Beach, CA.

And in case you aren’t able to just pop on over to an actual store (and then go to the beach and then maybe get some sushi, just some Laguna suggestions…..), you can order from Economy Candy or The Candy Baron online to be delivered straight to your door! Which is almost as convenient as riding your bike down the street with allowance money for Wacky Wafers and Now and Laters.

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