Sunday non-Sundae


Today I had all intentions of getting a wonderful sundae from the Courier Cafe, an old fave of mine: great food, historic venue, dazzling sundae choices – why have I never had a sundae here before??!!?!

All set to order. Didn’t even have lunch yet! Really saving room! Imagine my astonishment and disappointment to learn that they only have vanilla ice cream as an option (is it even considered an “option” at that point?) – which is of course why I’ve never had a sundae here. (listen: I just don’t like vanilla ice cream. Example: if pie a la mode is on the menu, I’ll order pie a la by itself. Also, so many other great ice creams to complement pie: cinnamon or pecan or even maple come to mind….)

Here’s a question: what is the point of a 3 scoop banana split if all 3 scoops of ice cream are the same flavor? Another question: how hard is it to offer just *one* more flavor, um let’s say, chocolate? Answers: 1) No point. 2) Not hard. (fyi: these questions were politely asked IRL as well)

And so I ordered my Courier go-to: a chocolate phosphate (highly recommended!!!!), which was foamy and delicious as always, yet the foam was fizzled a bit by my sundaeless tears (jk jk I held it together, mostly). 

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