For Mary See’s Bday, I’ll celebrate with a box of Fannie May


On this day, Mary See (of See’s Candies)’s 161st birthday, I thought it only appropriate to celebrate with a box of chocolate (and my Mary mask – downloadable for yourself here):


However, I am in Illinois today – east of the Mississippi and therefore far from a See’s outlet, but smack dab in the middle of Fannie May country. (in my chocolately daydreams, Fannie and Mary are cousins….and in real life, a quick Google search says they’re not related, but Fannie May started in 1920 and See’s started in 1921…. interesting….very close and quite cousinly, if you ask me). Both use fresh ingredients and have kept their old-timey recipes intact. Even during WWII, when ingredients were scarce, Fannie May just made what they could and closed shop once they were sold out. They never “sold out” themselves (until maybe 2004, but that’s another story….)


So I think Mary would be pleased to know I’m supporting her “cousin” during her birthday celebration. Free-standing Fannie May shops maintain a pastel wonderland in their cases, but offer dark chocolate classics to fill my box. Here is what I get:

  • a few Trinidads
  • a couple pastel Meltaways (pro tip: keep these separate from the others – you don’t want a hint of mint to infiltrate everything)
  • some dark lemon creams
  • a dark raspberry cream
  • dark honey almond nougat (not to be confused with the French nougat)
  • a milk chocolate Pixie for good measure
  • maybe a nut cluster of some sort, or a buttercrisp toffee, or the cleverly named carmarsh (made of caramel and fluffy marshmallow)

Today I was also won over by their September special: a dark chocolate toasted coconut Dixie, which tasted just like a Girl Scout Samoa cookie. (Don’t mind if I do!) So I will be keeping my sticky fingers crossed and blowing out Mary bday candles with the wish that it makes the permanent menu….



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