Sunday Sundae! Top o’ the mornin’ to ya!


What a lovely day for a pint….which is basically what I had since my sundae amounted to three huge scoops!

Feeling sunny and brisk, and not in the slightest weighed down by a massive pile of onion rings from Hackney’s, I did a jig over to Cone, a relatively new Irish ice cream shop in the West Loop. (fyi: those two establishments are not actual jigging distance from each other – please drive).

Hair of the Dog sundae: scoops of Bailey’s ice cream, Jameson ice cream and Irish Hangover ice cream (cinnamon swirl with cinnamon toast crunch and bacon), topped (and bottomed) with thick, fudgy chocolate sauce, homemade whipped cream, sprinkled with chocolate flake, and finished with requested cherries, because, you know…..


Walk up to the ice cream window or order from the fast-moving line inside, and then relax in the outdoor garden… ahh….

Coming back for : cookie cones, waffle cones, pretzel cones….. blueberry cream cheese or corn on the cob or spicy chocolate raspberry or coconut cream pie ice creams….. a smattering of Irish imported candies and treats…… yesssss….. this must be the end of the rainbow!


Lick me, I’m Irish! (Cone said it, not me!)

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