Shoo-Fly Pie (you CAN bother me!)


tale as told on Dutch Kitchen’s menu:

“Hey Mom, what’s Shoo-Fly pie?”
“It’s a tasty old-fashioned Dutch pie with a cake-like top made of brown sugar, flour, shortening and eggs and it has sorghum and syrups in the bottom.”
“Sounds delicious! I’ll try it!”

I did try it and it was delicious! Kind of like the swampy, country cousin of a chess pie.

According to my sources, shoo-fly pie was historically a “breakfast cake meant to be eaten early in the morning with plenty of hot coffee.” Fine with that. Somehow the ‘cake’ morphed into a ‘pie,’ and somehow it’s condoned as dessert for breakfast….cake/pie/breakfast – no complaints here!

Keep an eye out for it if you’re ever driving through Amish country, or make Dutch Kitchen in Arcola, IL (also the birthplace of Raggedy Ann and Andy) a stopping point on cross-country travels!

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