Saturday vibes for an unlaborious Labor Day weekend


What better way to start a long weekend than with a box of donuts? No better way.


Upon driving past Carmella’s Creme Donuts, you think: Great! Carmella’s is still here! Then you think: Oh shit – Carmella’s looks vacant and dilapidated and definitely not happening. And thennnn you think: But the Open sign is on the door, sooo???

Don’t be fooled by the peeling paint, overgrown shrubs or taped/wired drive-thru menu – Carmella’s is still making fresh donuts every day! (they’re open every day from something crazy like 5:30am to something afternoony like 3pm) The broke-down drive-thru window is even still in service – broadcasting your order through the intercom like a voice straight from 1986.


They’ve got all the classics: long johns, maple glazed, sugar raised, chocolate chocolate, buttermilk plus their version of a Boston Cream: Angel Cream (sweet). I’m no coffee know-it-all, but their coffee is on point and has that bright acidity that all the hipster coffee houses are going for these days.

This might not be the best metaphor whilst eating, but you know when you take a shower in a grimy tub but still emerge clean? Well, I’m not saying Carmella’s is grimy (it’s not… I don’t think…? It’s not.), but you will be amazed at the delicious freshness delivered through these shuttered doors.

9am honorable mention: the foodie family at the table next to me already planning tonight’s dinner. They decided to leave it – they wanted to maintain some element of surprise in their day.



Carmella's Creme Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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