Pandamonium Doughnuts


When I was in college at the University of Illinois way back when, it didn’t occur to me that the donut scene was substantially lacking. There was a Dunkin’ and a little hut called Ye Olde Donut Shoppe that morphed into Ye Olde BBQ Pit around 3pmish each day. What else could you need? Oh how young, how naive…..


It would be a loooong wait until Pandamonium Doughnuts realized and tackled this void. Luckily I wasn’t around to suffer, and now I am around to enjoy! A real win win! Everything is made from scratch (organic whenever possible), flavors changing with the seasons (some traditional, some cray). Track them down and then track down your fave.

So far, in the name of donut research, I have dabbled with the creme brûlée, red velvet, strawberry basil, raspberry rose, banana split, maple pecan crunch, toffee crunch and blackberry. Phew! The flower and berry flavors are super fresh/springtimey/summery, anything chocolate tastes like real chocolate (because it is), but I gotta say, I prefer their more inventive combos the most: the creme brûlée and banana split are the standouts. Let’s discuss.


The creme brûlée is filled with vanilla custard and topped with a layer of hard burnt sugar. It is a portable, breakfastable creme brûlée. No need to tap a spoon to crack the sugar, just bite right in and be amazed and also have some coffee. (my dad is a dentist should you require any post-donut “tidying up”)

The banana split is a vanilla raised doughnut doused in chocolate glaze and sprinkles, filled with fresh banana cream (like it actually tastes like a real banana), drizzled with strawberry sauce, hit with a hefty pinch of ground peanuts, and topped with a cherry. WTF. The definition of a donut novelty.

So I have to say, when next you find yourself driving through the great, flat expanse of Central Illinois, or settled in at a tailgate but over the beer and brat scene, it would be in your best interest to seek out the Pandamonium truck. Your efforts will not be in vain. Pinky swear!


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