Sweet Potato Heaven aka Jimmy Jamm’s Sweet Potato Cafe


My family has never really been a “sweet potato family.” (Fact: someone makes whole baked sweet potatoes every Thanksgiving – they are not consumed. Instead, a single, whole sweet potato gets passed/thrown from plate to plate, untouched, throughout the meal. By the end, this sad specimen is covered in gravycranberrycasserole goo. It’s gross. It’s funny. But then I feel bad for the unwanted sweet potato.)

But here’s the thing: I actually really like sweet potatoes! I mean, what’s not to like? Sweet or savory, chunky or puréed, so easy and versatile, the sweet potato just wants to be your friend. So why did it take me so long to finally pull over and try Jimmy Jamm’s Sweet Potato Cafe after driving past for nearly a decade? I blame my family for these wasted years. Shame.


With over 50 creations made from the lovely sweet potato, it was hard to choose. I did my best and started out with their best seller: a traditional sweet potato pie covered in honey cream cheese frosting. Smooth and creamy, instant Thanksgiving in your mouth! And keep in mind, sweet potatoes = vegetables = good for you, so no guilt here – I’m just getting my vitamins in dessert form! (let me know if you need me to write you a similar prescription….)


Next up, sweet potato cake! Similar to a gingerbread cake, but super moist thanks to sweet potatoes. Thanks! (and still just as moist (ugh) the next morning paired with a cup of tea!) The owner’s father-in-law baked for the railroads starting in 1933, so he knows what’s up. You can’t have unsatisfied cake eaters stuck on a commute. Imagine the commotion….


And finally, the self-described “off the chain” sweet potato cheesecake. The owner and my dessert assistant’s favorite of the bunch. Tangy, spiced, nutty – it hits all the marks. We were told about a newspaper contest from a few years back – a boxing match between a sweet potato and a pumpkin. Readers sent in their votes for the preferred pie. Who won? Take a guess.


Oh Jimmy Jamm’s, I won’t let time keep me from you again; I’ll be back so so soon! Like, maybe next weekend! And when I’m there next, I’ll be having some of that sweet potato ice cream too!

Jimmy Jamm's Sweet Potato Pies Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

2 thoughts on “Sweet Potato Heaven aka Jimmy Jamm’s Sweet Potato Cafe

  1. Hey, stop bad mouthing the fam! I like and served sweet potatoes (baked with butter and brown sugar – not the plain old gross boiled ones.) Get your facts straight dessert oasis.

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