Sunday Sundae!


Sunday Sundae brought to you by Chicago ice cream institution: Margie’s Candies! Don’t be fooled by the name and think you can only get candy here. You can also get ice cream, and when you do, it comes in a giant clamshell bowl!!

Sundae choice: the Terrapin. Two scoops of ice cream (coffee and New York cherry chosen), covered with butterscotch sauce, whipped cream and nuts, then topped with a cherry and a housemade turtle, and served with your own gravy boat of hot fudge. (bananas added for extra nutritional value)


Some things to know about Margie’s:

  1. It was originally called the Security Sweet Shop when it opened in 1921, but after the original owner handed the business down to his son, he renamed it “Margie’s” for his high school sweetheart.
  2. Prepare for there to be a line. And prepare for the wait to be worth it. (if you get too antsy, go to the Green Eye for a beer or Arturo’s for some queso fundido)
  3. Margie’s really blew up after the Beatles stopped by in 1965 and ordered a bunch of Atomic sundaes with a bunch of girls. Also, if you want to get extra Chicago, Al Capone had his treats here too.
  4. Margie’s is all for smart kids: you get a free cone if you get an ‘A’ on your report card, and if you can pull yourself together and turn that ‘C’ into an ‘A,’ you’ll get a free banana split!
  5. While their displays may look a bit dated, their chocolates are fresh and handmade. Get the Terrapin sundae (above) to sample a free turtle with your sundae. See? You can have your ice cream/candy and eat it too!


Margie's Candies Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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