The Story of Famous Amos


Famous Amos cookies – one of your best bets in a vending machine or gas station. Bite size, nice and crunchy, a dash of salty finish. But how did they come to be so famous? Well let me tell you the story as I know it…..

The year was 1975 and the Sunset Strip was full of hookers and druggies and general ne’er do wells. Wally Amos was a music producer who lived nearby and his kid had to walk to school past all this junk every day. Wally just wanted a safe place for kids to have milk and cookies after school for a nice snack, so he decided to open up a cookie shop right there on the school route. (he knew how to make cookies bc his aunt baked cookies all the time when he was growing up – chocolate chip with pecans!)

Everything was great and then somehow someone bought him out or something and with the buyout came the use of the name “Famous Amos.” So that’s that. The cookies are still great, but Wally isn’t involved in the Famous Amos business anymore. Instead, he moved to Hawaii and became The Cookie Kahuna! (you can take away the name, but you can’t take away the love for cookies – ha!) You can buy cookies directly from his site (or at Costco in Hawaii).

And here he is with his son out in front of the original store (which is now Bossa Nova):


(photo found on The Cookie Kahuna’s FB page)

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