(Choco) Taco Tuesday!

photo 2

The ice cream man: the original food truck. “Pop Goes The Weasel” drifts through open windows and sends you scrambling for loose change in the couch cushions and begging for dollars. No soggy-eyed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle or rock hard sno-cone with an even harder gumball clogging the bottom for me – oh no, I was/am Choco Taco all the way. And now I don’t have to wait for the ice cream man to turn down my street, I can drive myself to Playa Provisions and get a taco whenever I want!

Conveniently located right next to the beach (with fire pits and woven throws for chilly/sunburny nights too), Playa Provisions has all sorts of baked goods and ice creamy treats. Best of all, they make their own choco tacos! With birthday cake ice cream (vanilla ice cream with yellow and chocolate cake pieces and blue frosting and sprinkles mixed in), encased in a waffle cone shell, dipped in chocolate and covered with fiesta sprinkles. Yessssss. And it’s a cutie size, which means you can order something else too and not feel too plumpy. Might I suggest the Ocean Pacific popsicle?

photo 1

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