Gracias Madre dessert hack

photo 3

Listen, I don’t seek out vegan desserts, and I’d rather something be called “flourless” vs “gluten-free,” but if something is delicious and served in a gorgeous setting, then who am I to complain about semantics?

Gracias Madre is all vegan and doesn’t do substitutions or additions. I get it, I get it, LA dietary requests are prob the most ridiculous in the world. But some things are just better with a sliiiight tweak. Case in point: put some coconut bacon on that flan.

photo 2photo 1

Order your chilaquiles with cashew cream, order your margarita with toasted sesame infused agave, and then order the flan con cafe along with a side of coconut bacon. The flan is made with Stumptown coffee and burnt sugar caramel. The coconut bacon (while it’s not fooling anybody that it started as a pig) is crispy and salty and smoky. Dump it on top of the flan! Enjoy! You might suggest to your waiter that this be added to the permanent menu and named after me. I mean, “Dessert Oasis Smoky Coconut Flan” has an enticing ring to it, amiright?


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