National Ice Cream Day!


National Ice Cream Day: though it fell on a Sunday this year, I’m celebrating with a sandwich not a sundae. Why? Well because CoolHaus doesn’t do sundaes and I wanted to go to CoolHaus. So there.

It makes sense that July is National Ice Cream month and that National Ice Cream Day is right in the middle of the sticky heat (side note: Reagan presidentially proclaimed July 19 as National Ice Cream Day in 1984. Good ol’ President Jelly Bean, always looking out for the nation’s dessert interests). And July 19 in Los Angeles was not some Cali erryday easy breezy 73 degrees with a single, puffy cloud. Oh no. LA joined the nation in weather unison and put its best 90 degree, overcast, 80% humidity, weird drizzly foot forward. Enter ice cream salvation.

CoolHaus: architecturally-inspired ice cream. Crazy flavors like beer & pretzels or avocado sea salt. Build your own ice cream sandwich with freshly baked cookies. Go to the shop instead of hunting down their truck. Done and done. Ordered: ginger molasses cookies with Bananas Foster (fresh banana ice cream with rum/brown sugar/butter sauce swirled in) and Salted Chocolate (made with ChocoVivo stone ground chocolate and sea salt) (also some tastes of the Coconut Negroni – yum!). Served in a bowl with a wooden scoop AND an edible wrapper – because there’s no tidy way to eat an ice cream sandwich, so just use all the tools and do your best.

All-star mention: the 2 year old girl whose parents tricked her into eating veggies by giving her a scoop of Green Juice ice cream along with her raspberry sorbet. She tried her darnedest, but ended up with a puddle of green juice in her lap and raspberry streaks down her arms. Precious.


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