sundae research



We were doing sundae research yesterday. What makes a sundae? How can it be elaborated/deconstructed? Is a cherry always involved? And so on.




Let’s dig into this!

To better understand what “technically” makes a sundae,  we’ll need some abridged historical tidbits. There is much debate over who actually invented the sundae, but basically there were some crazy laws in place in the late 1800s that forbade the serving of soda on Sundays. How were people supposed to have a sweet treat after churchtime on a lazy Sunday afternoon?!? So soda jerks sneakily obeyed the law and just served all the ingredients normally found in an ice cream soda sans soda. Those ingredients included: ice cream, your syrup of choice, and whipped cream.

Then, one Sunday in 1892, a soda jerk/pharmacist wanted to get fancy and impress a local minister, so instead of serving him the usual bowl of plain vanilla ice cream, he whimsically dumped a whole bunch of cherry syrup and candied cherries on top. Everyone loved it and even gave the dish the very original name of “Cherry Sunday.” From then on, cherries (at least one) were added to fancy ice cream dishes.

So, what makes a sundae? (which, ps, is called ‘sundae’ bc no one wanted to offend god and eat ‘Sunday’ – how blasphemous and rude!) A sundae is, at its most basic, ice cream, some kind of syrup (chocolate/fudge/caramel/fruit/etc), whipped cream and a cherry. But personally, I really think you need to add at least one other topping, be it nuts or sprinkles or candy or fresh fruit or whatevs, to take it to optimum sundae status.

Elaboration: serve yourself as many scoops of ice cream with whatever you want piled on top. Call it a kitchen sink or a dumptruck (yum/gross).

Deconstruction: astronaut ice cream injected with chocolate syrup-infused whipped cream and a balloon filled with cherry air to inhale at the end?

Let’s discuss further over sundaes on a Sunday. Hit me up on IG.


Have a dessert question?  Email me at – from funnel cakes to fondue fountains, if it has sugar, I’ve probably eaten it.


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