150th Anniversary Tea at the Langham

photo 3

The Langham London celebrated its 150th anniversary yesterday, and to join in the celebration, The Langham Pasadena turned back the clocks and the cash register to 1865 – complete with the host and hostess dressed in 1865 garb, and a random drawing for a few lucky winners to pay the low low 1865 price of an afternoon tea: 1 shilling, 6 pence (15 cents!). Guess who won the drawing? ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

photo 4photo 2

I tried all the signature teas, had all the brioche-y scones, ate all the lovely sandwiches (I miss you, saffron-pickled radish! I’ll always add apricot jam to you, chicken salad!), and lingered long over all the the desserts (and glasses of champagne, hic!). No take-away box was required.

Fave desserts on the menu: baby raspberry macarons, guava cake, and a praline chocolate mousse served in a chocolate cup and topped with a fresh raspberry and gold leaf. All served on tailor-made Langham Rose Wedgwood teaware. Teaware made especially for you = 1865 VIP.

I definitely made sure I got my 1 shilling, 6 pence worth! The view itself is worth at least 10,000 shillings, give or take.

photo 1

Will return soon to try the Tennessee Tickle cocktail in the adjacent bar while watching resident squirrels stare longingly through the squirrel guards installed to keep them away from patio tea snacks…..(maybe I’ll have enough Tennessee Tickles to be inspired to invent a dance craze called the Tennessee Tickle? maybe not, because maybe that actually sounds gross….)

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