Happy National Rocky Road Day!


In my excitement over the impending National Donut Day/Week (I mean, come on), I almost forgot all about National Rocky Road Day! Close call…..whew! So what better way to celebrate this national very important holiday falling within this national very important holiday week than with a rocky road donut??

Presenting the icdc rocky road donut: old fashioned fresh out of the fryer crispy on the outside cloudlike cake on the inside donut, with housemade marshmallows, housetoasted almonds, housedrizzled chocolate. This donut is so good it’s almost as dangerous as a rocky road.

(ps: make sure your hands are clean before you eat this delight, because you will be licking your fingers like a cat with grooming ocd afterwards. you’ve been warned.)

One thought on “Happy National Rocky Road Day!

  1. Oh man! That looks great (and I’m not even a real rocky road fan.) Love the ocd cat reference. You are so clever Ms. dessertoasis blogger person.

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