time to eat the donuts!

“Hi, I’d like some donuts.”
“One donut?”
“Um, no, more.”
(starts putting donuts in a bag)
“In a box please.”
“A box for four?”
“No, a box of six.”
“In a bag to go?”
“No, for here. With a fork.”

Donut judge my decisions thankyouverymuch.

photo 2-1photo 1

Do-Rite Donuts: no judging here! Just simple twists on old-school classics. Please note the heavenly, eggy candied maple bacon crullers above. Were they so good I needed two? Well, yes, but I actually only ordered 5 donuts here and the guy added an extra for photogenic purposes. Now there is someone who gets me.

candied maple bacon cruller (so good – like a bite of the perfect breakfast), vanilla bean glazed (with juuust the right amount of glaze soaking through), pistachio meyer lemon (tastes Italian!), double chocolate old fashioned (duh), bourbon butterscotch (weekly special).

Returning for the carrot cake donut and some fried chicken!

photo 3-2

photo 3-1photo 2

Glazed & Infused: after a discussion on box size, we were gifted with free coffees to wash down our well-rounded selection. Hooray! Glazed & Infused has the classics as well as the trends: donuts customized with whichever Chicago sports team has a game that day, a special hops donuts to celebrate Craft Beer week….

maple bacon long john (perfect bacon and just right maple), red velvet (dare I say it? moist), blackberry cheesecake bismark (hello marriage of cheesecake and donut and seasonal fruit, I’m delighted to make your acquaintance), vanilla bean glazed, india pale doughnut (a slightly salty version of the vanilla bean glazed with hops powder on top – would be even better with a pint instead of my coffee!)

New tattoo inspiration?

photo 2-2

photo 4photo 3

Firecakes Donutsthis place has been judged – by Steve Harvey – who deemed it the best doughnut in Chicago. Ha ha, yessss. The award is display proudly on the wall behind the table of donuts, which is behind the case of donuts. It can be slightly difficult to still get excited when you’re on donut number 15, but the flavors here really stood out. So many fresh and interesting choices, it was hard to choose just one, so we didn’t.

coconut cream (toasted fresh coconut on top of a creamy crown – I’ll call this the queen of donuts), meyer lemon (bright and fresh), honey glaze, valrhona chocolate with espresso cream (who needs coffee when it’s inserted INTO the donut?!), apple fritter, PB&J (oh man! with whipped peanut butter and raspberry/blood orange jam that are magically not mixed together), malted milk ball (small and cute like a little malted milk ball with extra chocolate ganache added to attach a fresh malted meringue upon order)

Below – up close and personal with the fantastic PB&J donut:

photo 1-2

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