Chicago pies (not pizza pies)

Today I had pie for lunchtime and pie for snacktime. Maybe growing up on deep dish helped me to develop a deep stomach? (pro tip: wear a billowy shirt when preparing for a pie outing)

photo 1photo 4

For lunchtime: Hoosier Mama Pie Company. This place used to be a great spot that served burrito-sized spring rolls, and I lamented its closing for years. But now my grieving has ceased as the spring rolls have been replaced by delicious pie (plus the window seat remains).

chocolate chess – rich bourbony brownie in a flaky crust ( wowwowwow favorite!)
apple rhubarb – tangy fruit with spiced oat/granola topping (did you know rhubarb was called ‘pie plant’? I didn’t, but now I do and you do too!)
Jeffersonville – what? where? huh? maple pecan with chocolate. yes, ok!!
(not pictured: hot chicken tomatillo in a cornmeal crust)

photo 2photo 3

photo 1-1photo 3-1

For snacktime: Bang Bang! Pie & Biscuits. Here we sat outside in the pie garden surrounded by flowers and butterflies and fellow pie eaters. I could stay here all day, just eating pies that pass by. The table next to us had 5 people and one slice of pie – amateurs. We had 3 slices of pie and avocado biscuits – professionals.

key lime – the first pie to ever rival my own recipe!
chocolate macaroon – basically a 7 layer bar meets candy bar meets pie but freshly made so it’s good for you
honey pie with blueberry cherry compote –  so unique with an earthy maybe buckwheat not sweet honey flavor and whatever’s seasonal on top. “Honey pie you are making me crazy, I’m in love but I’m lazy, So won’t you please come home” (so true, so true. come home with me in my stomach.)
(not pictured: avocado biscuits with queso fresco, mole spice and pickled fresno chilis)

photo 2-1photo 4-1

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