Sunday Sundae!

photo 1

Sunday Sundae Snow! What is going on?? Well, I’ll go ahead and plagiarize North Pole Snow Cream‘s wall: “Snow cream is an all natural, light alternative to ice cream, froyo, or shave ice. In fact, it’s best described as a combination of the three!” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Sundae combo: honeydew melon snow cream, cantaloupe popping boba, fresh strawberries, drizzled with condensed milk. They make the snow cream by shaving off big blocks of  ice cream so that airy layers tumble and fold into your cup. The popping boba isn’t gummy like the boba you get in tea drinks, instead it’s more like tobiko (but with a fruit taste vs a baby fish taste). The condensed milk brings out the flavors in everything and ties them together. If only falling face first into a real pile of snow could be just as magical…..

Also, the walls are decorated with a bunch of cute polar animal stick drawings because North Pole Snow Cream looks out for its namesake by donating to polar animals in need. They are definitely on Santa’s nice list.

photo 3photo 2

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