What is yellow cake?


Dear Dessert Oasis,
What the heck is yellow cake and why is it so good? It has always been the go-to birthday cake in my family, but I don’t even know what it tastes/is supposed to taste like. It’s just pure “cake MSG.” HELP!!!
Also, any good ones to be had in LA?

– The Yellow Cake Bandit


Dear Yellow Cake Bandit,

You were right to pose this question vs. Google yellow cake, as a quick search only leads you to urania info, and you don’t want to eat that.

Yellow cake is cake that is yellow. (no shit) Why is it yellow instead of, let’s say, white? White cakes only use egg whites while yellow cakes use both the whites and the yolks, so the yolks give it the color. Why is it good like crack? I’d credit the heaping amounts of butter and sugar used in any yellow cake recipe/mix, which also gives it the flavor of buttersugareggair. Why is it associated with birthdays? (you didn’t ask that, but I’ll tell you anyway) Because most households have all the ingredients in their pantry already, so it’s easy to make (and can be made on the fly if your mom forgets your bday until the last minute – shame).

Now, where to find yellow cake (an actual slice, not a cupcake!) in LA? Annoyingly difficult hunt. I guess everyone thinks that if people have the ingredients already that they’d just make it themselves/wouldn’t order it off a menu. One exception: Magnolia Bakery. Good ratio of fluffy, light, yellow cake and sweet chocolate buttercream, with sprinkles on top so you can pretend you’re at a birthday party whenever you want!

Just say yes to cake, just say no to crack,
Dessert Oasis

Have a dessert question?  Email me at courtneysconza@gmail.com – from funnel cakes to fondue fountains, if it has sugar, I’ve probably eaten it.

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