Donut Destinations

There is just something about a roadside attraction that is extra attractive to me. And a roadside attraction built in the name of treats requires a detour/pilgrimage for sure. Even when you know where you’re headed, when a house-sized donut appears, how can you not pull over and cheer??!

photo 1photo 4

Donut landmark #1: The Donut Hole in La Puente. I might say this is the theme park of donuts because you have to drive through a huge donut to order! And when the “ride” is over, you have a box of goodies to show for it instead of a $25 crap picture of you screaming, eyes closed atop a rollercoaster. Better.

Here we basically ordered one of everything (except no cereal donuts, because who cares). Pro tip: drive across the street to the post office parking lot to kick back and stuff your face. Pro Pro tip: put your box of donuts on top of the hood of your car, because you probably were just driving for an hour so your engine is hot, and the heat will warm the box making your donuts hot like they are extra fresh out of the fryer. Standout flavors: blueberry cake, apple fritter, and anything with chocolate frosting because the chocolate is real and rich and tastes like a Tootsie Roll! (flavor to skip: the lemon because it tastes like Skittles goo)


( ^ ordering in action. not pictured: the 1ft wide round glazed donut that could be a donut angel halo/would definitely make an acceptable bday cake – my bday is in February, order ahead.)

photo 2photo 3

Donut landmark #2: Randy’s Donuts in Inglewood. If I’m ever driving to/from LAX, I am also driving to/from Randy’s. No passenger has ever complained (though most often, the only passenger is myself). This is a drive-up stand, but I like to walk up so that I can really see what looks good before I order. Everything always looks good. If you get nothing else (why are you here???!!?), order the apple fritter. This is THE BEST apple fritter in the land: spiced apple crispy chewy enormous. The buttermilk is also amazing: dense but light and tastes like a hint of coconut somehow. They fill the custard donuts on order. The Devil’s Food is better the next day, if you can manage to save it until the next day. The wheat & honey is a lovely light cake donut, not a health food snuck into the menu.

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