Sunday Sundae!

photo 1

M is for May, M is for matcha, M is for mmmmmm!!! Sweet Rose Creamery turned 5 years old today (they grow up so fast….*tear*), so what better way to celebrate than with them and their May special sundae? Matcha ice cream, rose geranium syrup, fresh strawberries, rose geranium mochi, whipped cream, a matcha “5” cookie, and bday sprinkles! Lovely and delicious even when melty, because then it morphed into an iced green tea latte. Plus given green tea’s antioxidant properties, this was basically a detox sundae.

And who else was sundae-ing (or maybe just affogato-ing) tonight? Oh, you know, just Marisa Tomei. And who else was sundae-ing and then sundae-ing again in the course of 15 minutes? The small girl sitting next to me (she ordered and ate a huge 2 scoop sundae, and then went back for round two). One chance to guess who I took a sneaky picture of – Marisa Tomei or my new sundae hero…

photo 2

(ps: don’t be fooled by the presence of two people here – the guy on the right had a baby cup of his own ice cream and was only of slight assistance in accomplishing this sundae feat. please note the empties.)

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