Portland (visitor) prep

photo 2

My friend who lives in Portland is visiting tomorrow, so I thought: “Why not get in the Portland mood with dinner at Salt & Straw?” The fact that it’s also raining tonight makes it extra Portlandy, plus rain scares away the Cali crowd which is better for me/them as I was dining post-yoga.

Um, Salt & Straw doles out the biggest sample tastes of any ice cream place I’ve ever been. Like a sample so big I felt like a plumpy eating it in one bite. And also I had four samples.

I finally decided on a “split single scoop,” (because let’s be reasonable) of Stumptown Coffee & Compartes Love Nuts paired with Freckled Woodblock Chocolate. Sweet, crunchy, slightly salty, dinner replacement. And not to worry that the coffee flavor will keep me awake – the scooper said it makes him feel like going to sleep. Hmm? Maybe because it’s so dreamy.

Let me also take a minute to talk about Compartes – this chocolate place is melting its way into treats across Los Angeles. Not only in Salt & Straw ice cream, but also into my donut from Cofax the other day! Truly, the bag that this donut was given to me in smelled like a cocoa sachet:

photo 1


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