Cinco de Mayo sweets

photo 1

What’s better than a bucket of Coronas? Many things, but definitely a tableful of pastries! (namely: tres leches, coconut flan and a cuernito with guava and cheese) What’s better than a bunch of drunkies in Walgreen’s sombreros? Happy faces handing over free treats!

La Monarcha has pastry cases everywhere and traditional metal trays to load up with any Mexican cake/cookie/roll you could want. Taking a minute to decide what you want? Well, have a cookie while you think! Waiting for your cafe guaymas (basically a mocha with coconut) to cool off? Well, have a taste of the Mexican hot chocolate! Seriously. Extra chocolate drizzled on the tres leches, extra caramel drizzled on the flan, extra smiles all around!

photo 2photo 3

Outstanding mention: the tres leches at La Espiga Bakery. Super fresh and made to order if it just so happens that you need an entire cake for yourself (sometimes you do), and topped with a fiesta of fruit.


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