Sunday Sundae!

photo 1

#1: please keep in mind that Grand Central Market closes at 6pm on Sundays, so don’t go there post-dinner like I did last Sunday, ahem.

#2: that being said, DO go there in the afternoon and eat whatever you want (pupusas) and then go to McConnell’s for ice cream. You can digest whilst you wait in line.

Today’s sundae of choice: the Lemonberry Pound Cake. I swapped in their Eureka Lemon & Marionberries ice cream instead of the Sweet Cream ice cream, and it was topped with blueberry lemon compote, lemon pound cake bites, candied meyer lemon, and fresh whipped cream. Zesty and creamy and juuust right with the pound cake bites, because truthfully a slab of pound cake sounded a bit daunting after dos pupusas.

Noted: they do not have vanilla ice cream as an option here…… an ice cream shop after my own heart!

photo 3photo 2

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