Madonna Inn Pink Champagne Cake


If you ever find yourself driving between LA and San Luis Obispo/Big Sur/San Fran, you must stop at the Madonna Inn. And if you ever find yourself stopping at the Madonna Inn, you must try their famous Pink Champagne Cake, because wtf is that.

Underfoot: pink rose-patterned carpet, overhead: vines of huge fake flowers with golden cherubs, alongside: glass water goblets with carved glass roses in a rainbow of colors and also a sugar dispenser full of pink sugar crystals.

I thought this cake would be so disgustingly sweet that it should only be used for a fun photo prop and not actually consumed lest I run the risk of being turned from desserts forevermore (ha). But what a fantastic surprise! It’s not too sweet!!! The yellow sponge cake is so so light!! The layers of whipped cream and Bavarian cream are super fresh!! I even ate the pink chocolate shavings after discovering they were, in fact, pink chocolate and not some fondant bullshit!!! Hooray!!!!!!

Had my dining companion been more willing, I would have also ordered “us” a slice of Black Forest cake. Next time.


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