gimme my milk and coooookies

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Today’s business trip brought me to Milk Jar Cookies. The air smelled like mint chocolate.  The cookies looked like pillows. There were fresh flowers everywhere. What a dream.

They make their cookies throughout the day and serve them to you on pretty china along with cold milk in jars with paper straws.  (Their milk is from Broguiere’s, home of the best egg nog in the land.)

These pillowy cookies had some heft, though maybe that’s because I had four of them on my plate/tray… but I mean, hello, I couldn’t just pick one. I picked:

photo 4

chocolate chip – because you’ve got to see how a cookie shop makes a classic. This chocolate chip was a bit crunchy on the outside but soft and cakey/doughy in the middle.  I almost thought it was undercooked, until I realized it was cooked perfectly!  Like what a packaged soft baked cookie wishes it could be.

banana split – because what?? This is a cookie made with banana in the dough, chocolate chips and butterscotch chips, walnuts and a fresh strawberry baked right on top.  Basically a banana split you can keep in your purse for later and it won’t melt all over everything.  PS: you can also get an actual scoop of Fosselman’s ice cream here to put on top of your cookie, if you must.

cinnamon sugar – because it was voted best snickerdoodle by Los Angeles Magazine and they’re not even calling it a snickerdoodle here! A sugar cookie kept in check by the butter and cinnamon, baked until the golden top just barely cracks.

rocky road – because if I had to really choose just one, this is what I actually felt like eating today. And it was my favorite.  A not-too-sweet chocolate cookie with chopped almonds and marshmallows baked on top.  I’m still eating it right now.

photo 2photo

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