Supermarket Desserts

Dessert Oasis:

Question 1: Favorite supermarket desserts?

Question 2: Do the colors of the frosting affect the taste?

Anxiously refreshing your blog waiting for your next post,


Dear Hans,

Answer 1: Angel food cake in those plastic bundt pans.  I’ll eat the whole thing because if you squish it down, it only really amounts to a single slice.  (obvs nothing beats a homemade angel food cake with dark chocolate ganache and fresh strawberries tho).  If Whole Foods counts as a supermarket, I love their gingerbread cake and thank god they sell it year round, not just during Christmas time.

Answer 2: At a good bakery, dye used in frosting shouldn’t affect the taste. Now you get some junky grocery store cupcakes dyed orange and blue for a Bears game, and that’s another story.  Tastes like sugary paint.

Angelically yours,
Dessert Oasis

photo 1photo 2

Have a dessert question?  Email me at – from funnel cakes to fondue fountains, if it has sugar, I’ve probably eaten it.

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