Sunday Sundae!

photo 1

I drove past this weird sign a few weeks ago, and couldn’t figure it out – Why is this man crying?  Why does he have a clothespin on his nose?  Why would a restaurant use this as an emblem to attract patrons??

Upon further investigation, I discovered that Twohey’s is known not only as the “Home of the Little Stinko,” (!!!!!!) but they are also famous for their bittersweet fudge sundaes. What.  Yessss.  And if a place is “known for it,” then I am known for trying it.

After (obviously) eating a Little Stinko (a burger with pickles and onions that when first served in 1943, some lady yelled, “Oh stinko!”), the waitress asked if I saved room for a sundae.  My reply: “Of course.”  Her reply: “Good job.”

I had their bittersweet fudge sundae with rocky road ice cream.  The whipped cream was homemade.  The maraschino cherry was homemade.  The almonds were hometoasted. The bittersweet sauce was thick and fudgy and worth putting in a jar and taking home.  Lucky for me, they sell the sauce there (they have milk chocolate fudge sauce and caramel sauce too).  Luckier for me, the super friendly and generous owner who had been checking in throughout the visit, gave me a jar for free!  Also, instead of matches, they have books of toothpicks at the register!

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