Investigative Report: Maple Bacon Donut

Today I put my investigative journalism skills to the test to track down the best maple bacon donut in Los Angeles.  Reporting live via Instagram throughout the unfolding of the story, I now present to you the conclusion of this in-depth exposé.

Source 1: Nickel Diner


$3.50 – Smells like bacon as soon as you walk in the door (mostly because it IS a diner and it IS breakfast time). Donut was cakey but not very mapley, with fresh bacon crumbled on top.  Paired well with my coffee and egg (I had to get a solid foundation for my day ahead).  Woman sitting next to me said to hit up The Donut Bar in San Diego if I’m ever south.  Not today.

Source 2: Cafe Dulce


$2.50 – Fluffy donut with chewy, smoky bacon.  No maple, just traditional glaze.  Though I don’t think much of the current cereal on donut craze (seems like pasta in a bread bowl to me), I did have one single fruity pebble stuck to a bite of this donut and that was my favorite bite.

Source 3: California Donuts

photo 1photo-4

$3.00 – Had to wait in a small line to get to this “interview,” but a good journalist sticks it out.  Fresh off of a full tray, this donut was huge!  It had crunchy bacon and slightly too mapley maple.  The bacon was pretty perfectly broken up so that there was a big piece in each bite.  (see below for full tray of bacon bars, festive peeps donuts, and what I will be returning for in the *somewhat* near future: Samoa donuts)

photo 2

Source 4: DK’s Donuts

photo 1-1photo-5

$2.50 ($3.95 for the cronut) – To maintain and preserve my journalistic integrity and bring you the full story, I had to sample the maple bacon cronut as well as the classic maple bacon bar. The bar was just right – not too big, perfectly squishy, with crunchy, salty bacon and just the right amount of maple.  The cronut was flaky and not as sweet as the donut with pork rind-like bacon on top. I am returning for a mini blueberry apple fritter and all things ube.

photo 2-1

Source 5: Primo’s Donuts


Hot on the trail to finding the best maple bacon donut, I made my way to Primo’s on Sawtelle, but they were sold out for the day, and alas, this investigation will not be continuing tomorrow.  #emptycalories #maybeforthebest

Source 6: Kettle Glazed Doughnuts


$2.00 – Actually started here this morning, but they were already sold out and promised to make more by the afternoon.  I called ahead for them to save one for me, and when I went to pick it up, they had boxed up their last two with my name on it! This was the best bacon – smoky and salty, on a light donut that was not mapley. Had a nice chat with fellow donut lover, Gloria, re: all the old Hollywood neighbors, you know: Norma Shearer, George Raft, Gloria Swanson (her namesake), Bette Davis (her favorite).

My unbiased journalistic analysis is as follows: 

best bacon – Kettle Glazed

most photogenic – Cafe Dulce

most insane selection – DK’s

freshest donut (though they were all made today and hence, all were super fresh) – California

place I could hang out all day – Nickel Diner

most elusive – Primo’s

best maple bacon donut in Los Angeles (though technically it’s Santa Monica) – DK’s Donuts

*pro tip: when going into the field for research, it is best to be prepared with lemon juice soaked green apple slices (as a palate cleanser) and plenty of water.

Unanswered question: Which is more rewarding – getting the first donut out of the oven, or snagging the last one off the tray?  Discuss.

One thought on “Investigative Report: Maple Bacon Donut

  1. First donut out of the oven. Could be hard and dry by the last one, unless of course they fly off the tray and then I’d be excited to get the last one!

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