Sunday Sundae!


This week’s installment of Sunday Sundae is brought to you by Fair Oaks Pharmacy & Soda Fountain located in lovely South Pasadena. On the menu: a classic hot fudge sundae made with cherry amaretto cordial ice cream. Please note the correct placement of the hot fudge: on the top, pouring over the sides, with an inch and a half reserve in the bottom of the glass for when you’re sad/worried that you already ate all the fudge. I recommend the cherry amaretto cordial flavor too – not just pink ice cream with the occasional bit, it was packed with cherries and almonds!

I could have easily become a stalker/paparazzo-in-training at this place. Everyone and their ice creams were just so good! The 85 year old man (vanilla with whipped cream and a cherry) with his son (chocolate with whipped cream and a cherry) – I imagine they meet every week for father/sondae; the family sharing a butterscotch sundae as well as a banana split made with chocolate, strawberry and blue bubblegum ice creams (blue bubblegum remained unfinished); and birthday girl, Rachel, who ordered the “The Kitchen Sink”: eight ice creams, eight toppings, bananas and brownies all served in a GIANT clam shell. I followed the waiters as they delivered her order and joined in singing so I could get a closer view. The clam shell returned empty approx 12 minutes later.

image image


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