proper scone eating

Scone (as in “it’s gone”) or Scone (as in ice cream cone)

Dear Dessert Oasis

When having high tea with scones, which do you put on first – the jam or the cream?



Dear Richard,

Being from Chicago, I pronounce “scone” as in “ice cream cone” – yum!

Though I have been loving and attending high tea since an early age, I am not sure of the actual etiquette regarding jam vs. clotted cream.  I always put the jam on first followed by the cream.  Reason why: if the jam soaks into the warm scone, it is like a pie (topped with whipped cream), whereas if clotted cream soaks into the scone, I think it would be like soggy cereal, which would not be ideal.

Thanks for asking……… is it tea time yet??!

Pinkies raised,
Dessert Oasis

PS: here is a photo of me researching scone consumption at the Brown’s Hotel in London circa 1991:


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