National Macaron Day

(I am overlooking the fact that today is the first day of Spring, and am focusing on the more-important-for-dessert-eating/excuses holiday: National Macaron Day.)


Coffee and tea are vital parts of any morning, and it only makes sense that on this day they are consumed in macaron form. Macaron ice cream sandwiches from Milk:  Thai Tea and Coffee Toffee. Both so perfectly flavored, and with the exact right texture to the macaron: airy yet nougaty, like the best, chewiest bit of a brownie. The Thai Tea tastes like Thai Tea! The Coffee Toffee has hidden bits of Heath bar! (I also sampled the Banana Dulce de Leche as bananas are also a breakfast food, plus it was the counter guy’s favorite. Verdict? Wonderful and tastes like real bananas, not Laffy Taffy yellow.)


Quick lesson: macaron vs. macaroon. They are not the same thing. Aside from looks and various ingredients, the thing to know is: macaron is pronounced mac-a-ron (like a guy named Ron, who is maybe running), and is made using almond powder or ground almonds. Macaroon in pronounced mac-a-roon (like crab rangoon), and is made using (unfortunately named but still delicious) desiccated coconut. Now you know and can confidently celebrate National Macaron Day!!!

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