Happy Pi(e) Day!

March 14, 3/14, 3.14 – Pi(e) Day. Any excuse to eat dessert.

I woke up undecided on where to celebrate this holiday: Pie Hole or Pie’n Burger? The Pie Hole downtown was having festivities all day which sounded like too much for me: crowds + heat + pie = triple sticky. Luckily, there is another Pie Hole location in Pasadena, and it is a 7 minute drive from Pie’n Burger, so decision made. I will go to both.


First stop: Pie Hole. They were already sold out of their famous Thai Iced Tea pie, but no worries, a slice of Maple Custard paired with a slice of Mexican Chocolate was just fine. Actually way better than fine – both were great and it’s like they were meant to be together. (full disclosure: I’m a pro, so I wore a dress with a stretchy waistband and also brought a cooler with an ice pack, just in case…)


Next stop: Pie’n Burger. (first I had a cheeseburger) Then, a slice of boysenberry and a slice of coconut cream. The boysenberry was fresh out of the oven. Hot out of the oven. Oven hot, not reheated hot. Yes. The coconut cream was not out of the oven, that would be gross, but it was just as fresh and not too sweet and had toasted coconut on top. Excellent. Not excellent: the fact that they only have vanilla as an ice cream option. But no big deal, I came for the pie.

Also, I suggest you use the bathroom at Pie’n Burger.  They have a knee-activated faucet. Makes so much sense.

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